I have been developing the application for more than six years and after finishing off one feature I have to give that build to QA to test out that feature. Instead of doing manually, it should be automatic pushing to distribute the channel of firebase or testing channel(alpha/beta/prod) on the play store for QA to check new features.
So, In this article we will go through how to push app using Fastlane or Github Actions, you can choose any one option as per your requirements.


  • You can check Fastlane here.
  • Fastlane provides code signing, releasing an app to play store…

Android’s unofficial release for Automation on Play Store using Gradle Play Publisher (GPP).

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In modern development, every one adapting smart work and Automate the progress as much as can do. In the mobile app development, publishing apps on the store and keep tracking the changes can be restless. And If you are the part of big developer teams to track their changes and who has what access is extensively torture.

How about I tell you about a simple solution for all of this with extra features to improve productivity just pushing your code to git and your app will be…

Use an android library to reuse the code in every project.

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What is an Android library? And Why we need it? Check

Android library is the same as an app you code, corresponding source code structure, manifest file, and resource file. The main difference is it will compile in AAR instead of APK. That can be used in Android Gradle the same as other dependencies in Android Source code. And the AAR file can not be altered.

We(Developer) need to use some code in one project, which required for another plan also, but we don’t want to waste the time…

What is AndroidX?

It’s a new library improved from the Android support libraries that will be used to develop within the jetpack. Android X replaces the support libs by delivering equally and new libraries. Moreover, this includes the below features:

  • All support libraries are separately maintained and updated
  • With 28 Api level android development have to use AndroidX library.
  • Support the legacy libraries with AndroidX version
  • A library namespace prefix is `androidx’. Check this page

Android Jetpack

Android Jetpack is a new set of libraries, tools and architecture guidance designed to help the developer to increase an android development with high-quality apps. Jetpack is used…

In this technology revolution every one has there style to do code. As Android is open source than every one can have access of your code by reverse engineering also.

I am also a developer and I also worry about that if anyone get my code, so what the security of my app and my content.

If you are a Android Developer, so you must heard about proguard.


Proguard is launched in 2002 and ten millions developer used this. ProGuard is a open source optimizer for Java bytecode.

Proguard do shrinker, optimizer, obfuscator, and preverifier of Java class. It detects and removes unused classes, fields, methods, and attributes. It optimizes bytecode and…

Android O Preview for Developer

Google announced new Android Version Android O on 21st Mar 2017, Tuesday. Android O is First Developer Preview. Google has introduced new features in this version and also increases security for the user. There are many new things has been introduced by google which is very easy to adapt for an android app developer. Google announce that the full version will be released at the end of 2017. For download, this version check this link: Check.

In Android, O Version google focused on security and modification in main features of the os and last but not least renovating the UI…

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